this week’s best mini essays

The best writing from this week:


“Tokyo Music Hanabi” is a new fireworks display in Odaiba. This is a collaboration of music and fireworks. The fireworks were all pink. Cute foods, good sakes, and nice souvenirs were sold there. They were very popular. These fireworks are very beautiful. People loved this fireworks. That’s all. Anna


In January, many magazines have fortune telling. This magazine’s theme is “Love and Destiny in 2013.” My star sign is Gemini. It says…this year there are many chances to change my life. So it is important to try everything. Progress will appear in the last half. And work might be hard. (I think that is true.) But if I do my best, my reputation will be good. (That’s encouraging.) And about love, I’ll have good communication with my husband. I think 2013 will be a good year! Sumie


I know Yoko Shimada. She is 59 years old, but she is beautiful. When she was 26, she went abroad. She studied English. She was a famous actress. When she was 40, she came back to Japan. She got married. She takes care of herself. Every morning she has salad, vegetable juice, and soy milk. She doesn’t use sugar. She goes to the fitness club twice a week. She walks 30 minutes every day. She loves her husband. She talks with him about everything. She was sick 5 years ago. But she didn’t give up. She got well. She wants to live long, in good health. Takeko


We know many foods for health and beauty. Maomi Yuki is a model. She takes a collagen drink for beauty. Yuri Arata is a doctor. She likes carrot and apple juice for detox. Riho Takahashi is a hair stylist. She uses green vegetable drink for beauty. Moemi Sato is a model. She recommends suppon soup for health. I like kinako for my health. Sachie


I am interested in fashion. You can change your look for 10,000 yen. You usually wear the same clothes. But you can get accessories: muffler, glasses, cap, shoes, bag, socks, etc. They are very cheap. They can change your look. It’s magic! Tomie

20130301_212227Japanese eat rice everyday, so a rice cooker is very important. Electronic companies have various rice cookers, and they are always inventing new styles. Hitachi has a new one. It gives off no steam. The new Zojirushi makes okoge. Panasonic’s new rice cooker is really amazing. It makes bread from leftover rice! They all look great. But they are a little expensive. Miwako

20130301_205358Recently, many Japanese women like trains. They are called “tetsuko.” Satomi Tezuka is one. She is an actress. She likes rails. She wants to go to Kyushu because there is a good train there. The train has a great bar. The bar can make a special highball. The train also has good seats. It is very comfortable. Taking the train can be great! Yoko M


This book is about skin care. Especially for face. There are many make-up items in this book. Too many items for me to read. But these things are very interesting. This book gives you a lot of useful advice for keeping young skin. It explains step by step how to take off your make-up, how to wash your face, how to use lotion, milk, cream, and so on. Maybe these skills are very useful, but it takes too much time! Megumi


I chose this food page because I like eating. Suppon is a turtle. But it’s not normal. Suppon has a lot of collagen, amino acids, calcium, fiber, and so on. It’s good for our health and beauty. Suppon nabe is very popular. The soup is good, but this page has another food, too. “Sourire.” It looks good. I’ve never had it. Someday I want to try it. Yukiko


There is a commercial photo in a magazine. It is a video camera. It’s name is “Easy Pet.” It is a camera for dogs. It is very interesting. You can put it on your dog’s neck. So your dog is the cameraman! When you are walking, your dog is taking a movie. It can take a movie about 10 minutes. So you can see your pet’s view. You might get a good movie! Yukimitsu


This is about waste food. Do you have vegetable garbage and fruit peels? Peels have many vitamins and minerals. I’ll introduce a peel menu. For example, apple peel tea, and carrot peel marinade. Sounds good! And fried vegetable peel is delicious. Peels have a dirty image. But you should try it for your health! Yuki T


Keiko Kitagawa is a famous actress. She was born in 1986. She is 27 years old. My first impression was that she has a beautiful nose. I want to give it to my first daughter! Keiko loves Takarazuka. Takarazuka has 4 groups. She especially loves the Flower group. When she saw it, she got a lot of ideas for her job. I don’t know about her or Takarazuka, but I’ll watch them carefully next time. Misa K


When we get old, our face gets lines. And our skin goes down. That makes you look old. I hate that! Women over 30 are interested in their faces. Everyday, I do massage and train my face. Women want to keep their beauty. There are many muscles in our face. The muscles get weak. That makes lines on our face. We should train and massage the muscles. Then, we can keep our beauty! Yoko U


This is about studying abroad. Now, companies want people to speak English. Studying abroad is different from 10 years ago. Now, people go in summer vacation for 2 or 3 months. Canada is the number 1 country. It costs about 600,000 yen. Oh! Expensive! But, 10 years ago, more people went for 1 year. USA was the number 1 country. Canada was number 2. Three months cost 450,000 yen. A little expensive. I would like to go to study abroad. Hidenori


This is about how girls enjoy life. Girls have many clothes. They like fashion. They have many cosmetics. All girls enjoy these. They wear some jewelry. Jewelry makes girls more beautiful. Girls often go shopping. And they go abroad. They like talking and travelling. It is important for girls to enjoy life! Asako


I’ll introduce this skin water. This is made with rosemary. Rosemary is a high-power anti-aging herb. A Hungarian queen used rosemary water. She kept her beauty. She had many proposals from young kings! This rosemary water is 7,875 yen. I think it is expensive. But I want to try it. Kyle’s skin tonic is a good price! Yuki T


This is a letter from a high-level monk. What is success? It’s not regretting about your life on your last day. Now, what you should do is what you want to try. It’s okay in everything. After that, you’ll find what you want to do. And then, do your best! You’ll see your success then. Michiko N


This chimpanzee got 10 million yen from a man. The chimpanzee’s name is Lady. She lives in Maruyama Zoo in Hokkaido. She is 6 years old. Her mother died when she was 2 months old. The man’s name is Mr Kudo. He met Lady in 2009. He came to the zoo 300 days in a year. Last time he came was July last year. He was sick. Mr Kudo died in January this year. He gave the money to Lady. The money is for a new play system. Michiko Y


This magazine has lots of information about women’s trips. The women are 40 years old. I’ll introduce one trip. It is a trip to India. The woman stayed there 8 days. And she went to India alone! She studied Ayurveda there. And she joined a 1-day tour in Mumbai. She did many things. I can’t do what she did. But I’m very interested in this trip. Yuka W


This is a London Olympics watching guide. Nadeshiko Japan is the women’s soccer team. They are a very strong soccer team. Their national world ranking is number 2 now. Number 1 is the USA. Sawa, Kawasumi, Miyama, and Ogimi are the main members. They are very famous soccer players. They got the gold medal at the women’s World Cup. Well, this Olympics, they got the silver medal. Congratulations! Hidenori

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